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Over 2 million Americans from all walks of life are addicted to pain medication. It is responsible for over 25,000 overdose deaths a year, and destroys lives the lives of many more families. Suboxone is an opiate that has unique properties — it does not get you high, it leaves your brain clear to function, it gives moderate pain relief, and it prevents the misery of opiate withdrawl . Because of these properties it has been used successfully to treat opiate dependence.

The Opiate Dependence Treatment Program combines medical management of opiate dependence with Suboxone, medical treatment of other psychiatric conditions such as anxiety and depression, and group based psychotherapy. People usually do not get over addiction with medication treatment alone. They must also understand the addictive illness, learn coping skills, and learn how to develop a support network, so that they have other ways to cope with the inevitable stresses and temptations that lead to a return to drugs.

The therapy consists of weekly group meetings that alternate between “go rounds” where members can share and get feedback on the problems they are encountering in coping without drugs, and educational sessions to teach coping skills. Family members are invited to attend sessions to learn about the program at regular intervals. The program is based on the Motivational model: people are most likely to change when they do so at their own pace and they are given the tools and a supportive community in which to grow.

The program helps members apply the skills they learn to the most deadly addiction in our society — smoking. 

Suboxone treatment varies in duration, with some people getting off Suboxone in a few months and others continuing in maintenance treatment on an ongoing basis.

The  “Suboxone Treatment of Opiate Dependence “ video further explains how Suboxone is used to help fight addiction to pain pills and heroin.

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